Nina Park

Nina in a yoga pose

Nina's vivacious personality and her zest for life comes through in her teaching style. She grew up practicing the art and sport of Taekwondo, and became an instructor at her family's Taekwondo Academy, receiving her training from her father, the 1988 US Olympic Team Coach and pioneer of Taekwondo in the US.

Born and raised in New York, Nina moved to Los Angeles at 15 - becoming an accomplished actress, singer, dancer, and model - landing popular TV shows on Disney and Nickelodeon. Scouted by top South Korean record labels, she eventually signed with Yedang Entertainment (now Banana Culture Entertainment). She moved to Seoul, Korea to pursue a career in K-Pop where she wrote, composed, and co-produced her debut album ‘Hit’M, opening for Mariah Carey’s World Tour and starring in her own reality TV show.

'Touching people’s lives, one posture, one breath, one vibration at a time’.

Nina started practicing yoga as a form of exercise and stress relief. However, she quickly realized that the practice of yoga far exceeded her expectations. She found herself challenged in opening up to a deeper awareness that made her learn more about herself and fell in love with the ancient texts and philosophies of yoga that linked mindfulness with movement and breath to achieve stillness. The mat quickly became a place where her mind, body, and spirit weaved together to form a state of internal bliss.

Nina humbly accepted a calling in servitude to make yoga fun and accessible, helping to spark interest in awakening out of the egoic self. She has been teaching yoga for four years with an accumulated practice of 16. She was inspired to become a dedicated yoga educator and share the magic of yoga with others and in May 2019, completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Collective - Desa Seni School of Yoga in Bali, Indonesia. She became fascinated with the philosophy of yoga, under the tutelage of her teacher, Bernd Windhofer, student of AG Mohan, disciple of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (aka “the father of modern yoga”). Nina subsequently began teaching in Hong Kong and quickly became recognized for her energy, enthusiasm, and creativity - frequently referenced across various media outlets and, most notably, in TATLER HK as “the go-to yoga teacher for a dynamic class”.

“the go-to yoga teacher for a dynamic yoga class.”

Nina aims to make yoga accessible for everyone. Merging her unique backgrounds as a former Taekwondo champion and K-Pop recording artist, Nina founded the ‘Glow Flow Yoga by Nina Method', designed to fully promote connection of mind, body, and spirit through a fun and intelligently sequenced flow with instruction that considers proper muscle activation, spinal alignment, flexibility, mental focus, and most importantly breath - bridging ancient practices of yoga and martial arts with pilates structural alignment.

Known for her versatility, Nina’s classes range from an invigorating and inspiring signature 'Vinyasa Glow Flow', to deeply relaxing and introspective practices of Yin and Restorative yoga. Her background in music production and live performance on stages around the globe, Nina curates a unique soundtrack for each class. In Hong Kong, Nina founded ‘The Immersive Glow Experience’ which included a multi-media/multi-directional visual experience, using 360 degree digital projection mapping technology. After living in Hong Kong and traveling Asia for three years, she moved to Seattle two years ago continuing on the path to ignite and inspire new students.

Whilst in Seattle, Nina started to bridge all of her life's paths and has since become a Sound Bath Practitioner/Facilitator, offering the healing art of vibrational therapy and meditation, curating soundscapes - integrating quartz crystal singing bowls and various instruments with her vocals. As an active and devoted yoga educator, Nina teaches classes at several studios in the downtown Seattle area and provides recovery and healing therapies to private clients, helping them manage, recover, and heal from hip, knee and spinal injuries including spinal protrusions/stenosis, herniated discs, sciatica etc. using Yoga Therapy, Intuitive Bodywork, Acupressure, and Energy Healing practices.

Nina’s intention and mission is to help individuals release resistance to create more space within to authentically express themselves. In helping shift internal space, she believes it will positively help the way humans relate to and experience everything externally. Nina wishes to see others thrive, making yoga and all its counterparts accessible to everyone - 'Touching people’s lives, one posture, one breath, one vibration at a time’.